structured capital

Camden Structured Capital provides highly flexible, non-control growth capital to lower-middle market companies. This approach was born out of the Camden team’s commitment to working with CEOs and board members to find solutions when the typical growth equity deal structures would not work. This could be for a variety of reasons including:

• A growing business where the dilution of an equity round doesn’t make sense.

• Some complexity about the business, cash flow, capitalization table, etc.

We work with CEOs, board members, and existing investors to find the right solution and deal structure (debt and/or equity) that works for each company’s situation.

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Structured Capital Strategy

Target Company Profile




Positive now or in

Deal Structures

Debt (mezzanine or senior) and/or structured equity

Check Size

$1M - $5M

Round Size

We lead rounds of $1M to $20M+

Sector Focus

Technology & Enterprise SaaS:
Disruptive and scalable technologies with high recurring revenue, low capital expenditure, and high customer retention rates.
Camden’s investments in the sector account for most of our existing portfolio companies and span sub-sectors:
Cloud Computing & Software
Marketing and Data Analytics
Business Services
Transformative companies with a competitive edge to capitalize on inefficiencies and deliver consumers in-demand products and services.
Non-traditional education and workforce development companies typically at the intersection of education and technology. Companies that allow students access to opportunities that were previously unattainable to a select segment of the population.
Technology & SOFTWARE
Tech Enabled SERVICES
Business Services
Our Portfolio

An Experienced Team

The Camden Structured Capital investing partners (Meghan McGee, Todd Sherman, and Jason Tagler) have worked together for an average of 17 years and as board directors on over 37 portfolio companies. They are complemented by:

Tom Rutherford (Partner and CFO)

who joined Camden in 2012 and leads financial and LP reporting

Operating Partners and Advisors

including 350+ C-level executives from the prior portfolio companies

Investing Advisors

including David Warnock, Camden Founder
Our Team